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Caution this eBook is for Professionals in the personal finance industry – not for consumers.

If you are a money coach, financial advisor, insurance agent, mortgage broker (loan originator), debt elimination consultant or accountant you are in a rewarding business. This eBook gives a UNIQUE a much needed blueprint to transform your business into more rewarding and more predictable income.

It is my sincere hope that after reading this eBook, you will take the next steps to transform your business to the profitable level you deserve.

Give yourself an advantage and win the relationship with your clients.

Become the professional that people will line up to work with. The EXPERT with the UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION that helps clients and prospects find their ways with their money, experience the success they are longing for.

Here are the benefits and advantages you could bring to your business:

  • Benefit #1: Brand Your Business
  • Benefit #2: Differentiate Yourself
  • Benefit #3: Don’t Just Sell a Product – Personalize a Financial plan
  • Benefit #4: Win The Interest Rate War
  • Benefit #5: Close More Business and Increase Your Revenue
  • Benefit #6: Stay In Touch in a Meaningful Way
  • Benefit #7: Create a binding Loyalty

PLAN B – It’s Time to Become Debt-Free on $10 per day


Your Step-by-Step PLAN for Getting Your House in Order

We all have our challenges with money. Money may not make you happy; but LACK OF MONEY can certainly make you miserable and causes you to live on the edge. If living on the edge is not for you, this eBook is! I want to help you CRACK THE CODE to GO FROM DEBT TO WEALTH using the same money that you are currently earning. This step-by-step eBook is packed with strategies that you can apply immediately. Doing the exercises in this guide will put an end to your money issues, bring peace to your relationship with money and bring order to your financial house.


The Ultimate Mortgage Plan

Buying a home is the most expensive investment most people will ever make in a life time. Most of us need a mortgage and strive to get the best possible interest rate. Getting the best interest doesn’t mean you have the Ultimate Mortgage Plan.

The fact is, you are missing out on the opportunity cost of having the right mortgage and a plan to manage it.

In this eBook you will learn a very important principle “Home equity is to be conserved not consumed” and how to create your Ultimate Mortgage Plan. You will receive answers to the following questions:

  • If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage, should you pay it off?
  • Why people fear their mortgages, and why you shouldn’t.
  • What are the challenges with a simple mortgage plan?
  • What is home equity and how to properly manage it?
  • How do you create the Ultimate Mortgage Plan?


How To Literally Eliminate Your NEVER-ENDING credit card balances and discover what the Banks and Credit Card Companies DON’T Want you to Know!!!

If you are carrying any consumer or credit card debt – this eBook is worth reading. It will reveal the secrets of how to become debt free and urges you to know where you stand with your money. Learn how to take corrective actions and achieve the success you deserve, get out of debt and stay out of debt, become financially secure and lead a prosperous life. This eBook gives you strategies to help you deal with money issues in the following areas:

  • Stop worrying about money
  • Win Back your freedom and take control over your present and future financial situation
  • Become completely debt-free including your mortgage in 10 years or less and save thousands of dollars in payments that you are no longer required to make
  • Accumulate hundreds of thousands for your retirement
  • Transform your relationship with your money
  • Enjoy life while doing it!